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ID Construction provides roofing and homebuilding services in Brookline and throughout Massachusetts
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ID Construction provides roofing and home building services in Brookline and throughout Massachusetts

Wood Shingles & Cape Cod Style

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The external appearance of your hose is a must because it demonstrates your hospitability and responsibility for your property without extra words.

Additionally, high-quality siding prevents water leakage and the negative impact of weather extremes that can harm your comfort indoors.

ID Construction is a reliable home renovation company that makes a specialty out of wood shingle siding. This type of installation is very demandable in the USA.

Our clients are fully satisfied with their refreshed exterior and improved weather-resistance properties of their commercial and residential premises.

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Our Services

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ID Construction

ID Construction is your reliable assistant when it comes to different constructional and improvement works.

Our experts undertake surface inspection and replacement of the previous siding coverage if necessary.

For installation, use only high-quality wooden shingles.

The ID Construction clients can count on siding sustainability and exceptional versatility. It is a good eco-friendly solution for your exterior to take into consideration.

It is worth noticing that natural wood siding is handled by our house remodeling contractor according to the Cape-Cod style guidelines. We design the most suitable wood-shingle stylization to meet the expectations of our consumers in full.

Wood Shingle Installation

Among available materials, there are various natural wood shingles that are suitable for cape cod styled siding project realization.

The range of the most demandable siding products includes the following models:

Rebutted shingles – cost-effective material that provides an extremely attractive external appearance of the building.

Kiln-dried shingles – are notable for their sustainability. This siding offers a high-grade dryness of the premises that is required for regions with moist climate conditions.

Weather-stained shingles – this kind of siding product provides exceptional protection from weather extremes.

Clients who require siding services can count on our qualitative accomplishment of any installation tasks. Our experts take into account the peculiarity of climate zones and recommend only durable siding materials for installing sessions.

Siding Replacement & Stylization

We remove the old siding material and install cape cod styled wood shingles that resist moisture, cold and heat impact, and other irritants.

In comparison with other American home repair contractors, our replacement services guarantee the absence of wood shingle deformations.

Your siding will not face rotting, peeling, scratches, and other exterior defects.

Trimming and Finishing Touches

Together with various home remodeling solutions where exterior improvements play a huge role, the ID Construction company offers trim options to make the surface even more attractive and well-protected.

Among our supplementary services are composite molding and a wide selection of trim customization.

The surface of your walls will be easily cleaned and rather sustainable to various weather and temperature parameters.

Wood Shingle Siding Repairs

If you have faced micro-cracking, blistering effect, peeling, and other defects, our handymen are able to eliminate these fractional damages fast.

We will inspect the affected surface and will deliver accessible solutions for repairs.

Count on one of the flagship remodeling contractors when it comes to the siding project realization and replacement of old covering materials.

Contact us to order siding services and other exterior & interior options like kitchen redesign, roofing, etc.

Looking for a quality and affordable constructor for your next project?

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