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ID Construction provides roofing and homebuilding services in Brookline and throughout Massachusetts
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LICENSE #101150

ID Construction provides roofing and home building services in Brookline and throughout Massachusetts

Green Roofing

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Green roofing – is a perspective eco-trend with a 2500-years history.

Green roof landscaping is a way to transform an uninspired roof area into a seasonal garden, blooming meadow or just a relax zone with peaceful close-to-nature atmosphere.

It’s no wonder it becomes even more popular nowadays. Especially in urban zones. 

ID Construction is a leading roofing company in Massachusetts.

We provide complex services and install trending green roofing systems professionally regardless of complexity of the task, building’s type and client’s wishes.   

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Professionally installed green roofs are believed to be one of the most reliable solutions with outstanding service life and proven natural protection.

To add, green roof with appropriate flora compliments mostly any architectural style and requires minimum labor for maintenance.

ID Construction installs green roofs on just built houses as well as reconstructs, repairs or renovates roofs on exploited residential and commercial buildings.

We are experienced and qualified enough to provide a full range of complex green roofing services according to high building standards and client’s demands.

Our engineers and roofers construct green roofs with reliable waterproofing and root repellent features in order to guarantee structure safeness and long service life.

Architects and florists will design individual green roofing for your house taking into account an aesthetic appeal of the roofing, climate and seasonal nuances, architectural features of the building and client’s desires.

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Types of Green Roofing We Install

Every Detail Matters

As we mentioned above, green roofing installation is a complex task.

Each green roof requires a suitable layering system with right soils and nutrients for chosen plants, flowers and grass.

Furthermore roof repellent and waterproofing systems have to be installed properly to avoid leaks and construction damages, to manage stormwater and snow load.

Our roofers will mount a green roof considering all the nuances in order to make it safe and durable as well as suitable for chosen flora.

We install different types of green roofing depending on permissible load level, maintenance requirements, installation process, type of the building, etc.

Intensive and extensive green roofs;
Built-up systems with separately installed components and modular systems.

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Contact our experts to learn more about green roofing types and their advantages. Tell us more about your demands and expectations so that our specialists design several individual roof projects with easy-to-understand estimates.


Intensive green roofs let you plant different types of flora transforming your outdoor area into a garden or even a local forest.

It can hold up to 150 pounds of soil and plants per square foot. Still intensive roofs require a lot of labor to manage and look after. They are suitable for large-area roofs, hotels, restaurants and public places with roof greenhouses.


Extensive green roofs can be left to grow naturally. They are much easier to maintain than extensive ones.

Extensive green roofs usually hold up to 25 pounds of soil and plants per square foot. They could be the perfect solution for residential houses, villas and cottages with flat or low-slope roofs.

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Why Particularly Us?

Why Particularly Our New Home Building Company?

ID Construction

ID Construction is a team of professional roofers, builders, designers and engineers.

We design green roofs from scratch, coping with any task and taking into account all professional aspects.

Also we renovate and reconstruct old roofs with modern ‘green’ solutions.

Call our consultants to learn more about roofing services in Massachusetts.

Tell us about your wishes and our experts will design green roof projects for your house according to the budget as well as engineering and building standards.

Looking for a quality and affordable constructor for your next project?

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