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ID Construction provides roofing and homebuilding services in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

Interior Door Installation: Begin Transforming Your Home Today

ID Construction specializes in interior door installation, replacement, and repair in Boston, MA.

Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to home accommodations.

That is why people often pay much attention to the types and designs of their windows, furniture, doors, etc.

It is well-understandable because true harmony starts with each constructional part of your house.

Americans would like to arrange a maximum convenient atmosphere inside their commercial and residential premises with the help of attractive interior solutions.

The suitable design of doors responsible for zoning, heat-saving, and soundproofing properties can complement any decor and style indoors.

Today, there are numerous interior variants of traditional, high-tech, and modern designs to choose from.

interior door installation

The ID Construction remodeling contractor is ready to help you install and replace any construction parts of your building, including interior doors. Our company is one of a few interior door installers in Boston that install and replace any interior doors, including non-standard models.

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We Provide Professional Construction, Renovation, and Roof Services in Boston and throughout MA with a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

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We’ve taken enhanced precautionary measures to ensure a safe experience for our clients and employees. We are one of the construction companies in MA with all certificates, insurance, and local work permits.

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We put effort and experience into saving your budget and offer optimal solutions for any project, including commercial and residential roofing services.


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Our Services

We will Make Your Dreams Come True

interior door installation

We specialize in various home renovation works that can refresh your exterior and interior significantly.

ID Construction is your reliable assistant for great and fractional improvements.

Our dedicated team provides high-grade services in Newton and throughout Massachusetts, meeting all consumers’ expectations and time requirements.

Installation of an interior door is a crucial moment, as it is important to do all the work quickly and professionally, and extremely carefully in relation to the interior and furniture.

We are always at your command if you need installation, replacement, or repairs of your interior doors.

Compared with other New England home improvement companies, we do not limit our clients to available house remodeling options.

It means that together with useful service for your interior updates, you can place other orders. Kitchen redesign, window restoration, carpeting, flooring, bath remodel, painting, insulation, etc.

Installation of Interior Doors

Our task is to compliment your style and add even more functionality to your house.

Your interior doors should harmonize with your decorative solutions, the color of walls, and furniture design. 

Therefore, interior door installation requires an individual approach in each specific case. Our experts will help you choose an interior door, install it in a new door frame or replace an existing door.

Our experts will advise you on what model will fit you the best. We can tell you in detail what types of interior doors, materials, and designs are trending. If you have already picked sides with the most suitable variant, our specialists will install a new interior door or several ones during the specified period of type.

Let’s create a wonderful indoor composition together. We have completed hundreds of projects, so our experience makes the installation of interior doors of any size, specifications, and style. There are no impossible tasks for us. In addition, we do our best to ensure that every door installed lasts for decades.

The ID Construction professional team is ready to install the following:

  • Modern interior doors;
  • Traditional models;
  • Items from limited designer collections;
  • Beveled shaker and shaker interior doors, etc.
  • Non-standard and customized exterior doors.

We also carry out a range of additional works like installing a prehung door or reinforcing the interior/entrance door against burglary.

Replacement of Existing Interior Doors

It does not matter if you need to install a new or replace an old interior door. Our experts will inspect the surface and undertake measurements first. Sometimes all we have to do is remove the old door and install the new one in a couple of minutes. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out additional or preparatory works with the door, fittings, strike plate, or door frame.

We discuss the project with our clients and specify deadlines.

Usually, both installation and replacement procedures are completed in several hours.

Additional options like painting and repair works can elongate the process, but all these details are always under discussion with you.

Our company is an interior door installer that values your time but does not sacrifice the quality of work for speed. However, we strictly adhere to the deadlines agreed upon with the client in advance.

Other Services to Take into Account

Sometimes some fittings are damaged and spoil your perfect interior.

Even new doors can become not attractive if some breakage takes place. The hinge side may need replacement. The fittings may break or seize. The existing frame may be damaged. Our experts will quickly solve any interior door issues.

You can learn more about urgent or planned repairs from our specialists.

Don’t compromise on the inconveniences inside your home. Moreover, most problems with doors can be solved within 1-2 hours. All you need to do is call the experts who will identify the problem and find the best solution.

Our company is on the list of prime interior door installation contractors in the MA region. We fix, consult, and help American householders to improve their commercial and residential premises.

We install, repair, and replace interior, entry, and garage doors. Find out more about our boundless capabilities on our website.

Contact our managers if you are ready to place the order. If necessary, our specialist will come to you to take measurements and discuss the details of your door projects. After that, we will prepare an estimate.

Even if some information is still not clear, ask our helpful representatives about any issue.

Ask questions, order ID Construction services, and update your interior and exterior in an easy-going manner.



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