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ID Construction provides roofing and homebuilding services in Brookline and throughout Massachusetts
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ID Construction provides roofing and home building services in Brookline and throughout Massachusetts

The ID Construction Management Plan in Conditions of COVID-19

Your Safety

In the conditions of global pandemic and lockdown caused by the COVID-19 virus, the ID Construction home renovation company made every possible effort to meet the requirements of the present-day reality and unanticipated circumstances.

Our top priority remains the same – to think of the safety and health of our dedicated team and our consumers.

We continued to provide our high-grade house remodeling, repairs, and designing services in Newton and throughout Massachusetts but with higher-level responsibility required by new times.

The ID Construction team created emergent guidelines to follow.

They are focused on reducing exposure to the virus and better information sharing in the condition of social distancing and other requirements.

New construction home

With the help of new protocols for service provision, fieldwork, and other aspects of the routine tasks our remodeling contractor undertakes in New England, we managed to make our professional activities absolutely safe, well-thought, and consumer-oriented.

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The main task of ID Construction was to arrange the most appropriate communication flows between team members and our clients to meet all the COVID-19 guidelines and our customers’ demands at once.

This way we have created a special group of specialists that are responsible for data sharing and provision of news, COVID-19 new regulations, etc.

Our special-purpose hub makes a specialty out of project coordination, communication arrangement, and team empowering.

In comparison with most American home improvement companies, we have changed our attitude to internal communication and interactions with our consumers.

Together with COVID-19 hub, the ID Construction contractor arranges:

ID Construction

Virtual meetings – to meet the social distancing guidelines, our team communicates with the help of web conferences and remote meetings.

This is one more way to protect our workers from COVID-19 exposure and provide them with accurate and up-to-date information. Virtual meetings are used for our clients’ informing as well. All the project details can be discussed without regular personal touches and face-to-face meetings.

Relationships – we create the most suitable collaborations with our partners to deliver timely results.

Our material supply chains are well-protected and well-arranged. You can count on our highly-optimized construction and remodeling process in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staying tuned for more news – our departments and the main office are always connected to each other even in a remote mode.

We call each other, arrange video sessions, and other corporate events to stay informed about the latest updates and regulations of our workflow. Our specialists know well what are the main requirements for their new project, customer expectations, and other information that is necessary for perfect performance on the object.

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Project Performance

Flat Roof PVC Membrane-1

We cannot keep out when the global pandemic takes place.

The ID Construction home remodeling company understands that your commercial and residential premises need qualitative maintenance and updates right now because almost all our time we spend at home at the present moment.

Our experts are ready to improve the exterior and interior of your building to increase its hat-saving properties, comfort level, and functionality.

It is worth noting that all our residential and commercial remodeling projects are handled according to the special site-specific plans with increased safety measures and other accommodations to take into account.

The ID Construction team follows the range of regulations for your high-level safeguard during the reparation, restoration, and home renovation processes:

Constant temperature screening of workers;
Daily safety stand-down;
Regular reports about performance rates;
Cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces on the object;
Installation of disinfecting stations;
Hygienic regulatory compliance, etc.

You can be sure that our workers are responsible for their and your health. It does not matter what scope of works you require.

Our specialists guarantee that landscaping tasks, roofing, kitchen redesign, or insulation installation will be undertaken safely for you and your family members.

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